Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are an active globally-minded group from Remuera Intermediate School in Auckland New Zealand, that are concerned about the important issues of today. We align ourselves with the values program of our school and endeavour to make a difference to our school and our community. We will organise special days throughout the year to build awareness of global issues such as the environment and peace. We will concentrate on service and being of benefit to others. Our time to change the world is at our Thursday lunchtime meetings with Mr Zemke.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Yay RI! Putting Service into Action


We started on the 23rd of November with 28 classes at our school brainstorming ideas. Each class had to think of an act of service they could do to benefit others at home, school or in the community during the two weeks until the 4th of December.

Room 3 made coupons to give to their parents. 
When your parents want a job done they will give you a coupon and you then do it immediately.

                                            For Room 17, we picked up rubbish around the school. 
There were hundreds of cigarette butts, bottles, and even a dead rat! 
                             We also kept a log of service we would do at home. 

Room 24

We went around the school and gave each 28 teachers flowers with a lolly to every teacher we loved seeing the smiles on their faces when they got their gifts.

Mr Whitehouse Room 5

 Room 11

Room 17

Ms Lynch from Room 3

Room 26
On the 2nd of December, the 33 kids of room 26 held a very successful market day. They sold burgers, sundaes and even slushies. The teacher felt it was important for the students to independently market their own business as they were studying financial literacy. The students started from planning on paper to building their own stalls. They donated $746 to Starship Hospital.


Ice blocks


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