Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are an active globally-minded group from Remuera Intermediate School in Auckland New Zealand, that are concerned about the important issues of today. We align ourselves with the values program of our school and endeavour to make a difference to our school and our community. We will organise special days throughout the year to build awareness of global issues such as the environment and peace. We will concentrate on service and being of benefit to others. Our time to change the world is at our Thursday lunchtime meetings with Mr Zemke.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Room 27 during first Service Week

Polishing trophies by the Info Centre

For service week Room 27 kids did a variety of service jobs encouraged by our teacher, Miss Faulknor. One of the biggest jobs was picking up litter throughout the whole school. What we collected is shown in the photos below.

In the morning our teacher told us that we had to sit in front in the assembly today and when we went up the Principal was surprised at how much litter we collected and was really happy with our service.

Those that volunteered for the litter service job were: Ben, Hamesh, Ryan, Syronne, Alex, Dominic, Ethan, Hamish, and me Trishant.

Mr Brewerton
Being acknowledged at Assembly in front of the whole school for cleaning up litter was really fun.

Extra to litter and polishing trophies, other Room 27 kids over two days of Service week 1 spent some of their free time and some time given by our Teacher to serve in other ways like weeding, tidying the shelves in the library  and helping others  around the school.


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