Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are an active globally-minded group from Remuera Intermediate School in Auckland New Zealand, that are concerned about the important issues of today. We align ourselves with the values program of our school and endeavour to make a difference to our school and our community. We will organise special days throughout the year to build awareness of global issues such as the environment and peace. We will concentrate on service and being of benefit to others. Our time to change the world is at our Thursday lunchtime meetings with Mr Zemke.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sayonara 2015. With love from The Social Changency

The final post for 2015...

As it is the end of our school year and the students that are member are now leaving to go to many different secondary schools; this will be our last post for the 2015 Social Changency group.  

We would like to thank each and every one of you for helping and supporting us from the start and now to the end, even the people that just looked at our blog for a little peek. Every little view helps us out. We are happy to hear any suggestions from you to help our blog improve.

Our Final Meeting.
Also to the students of Remuera Intermediate (our school), each and every one of you have also been a great support and have inspired us to keep spreading positive messages. Its been gratifying to know that people are out there to support what we believe is important for the social issues in the world. And also a big thanks to everyone who participated in any one or more of our activities or challenges throughout 2015. 

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